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dc.contributor.authorPettigrew, Justin Evans
dc.description.abstractThis thesis examines the use of dialogic components of Fortune 500 Company Web site press rooms. Using a twofold approach, print journalists were interviewed to determine what components of online press rooms they found most valuable and desirable. A content analysis was then conducted of all Fortune 500 Company press sites to examine what content they were providing. Results showed that corporations have substantially increased their presence on the Web for press from previous research, and that dialogic components on the Web are in line with what journalists use. This study also suggests that operationalized elements of dialogic theory as it applies to the Web should be continually revisited as technology develops.
dc.subjectcorporate public relations
dc.subjectWorld Wide Web press rooms
dc.subjectdialogic theory
dc.subjectrelationship management
dc.subjectPR/journalist relationships
dc.subjectWeb site content for the media
dc.titleThe new dynamic of corporate media relations
dc.title.alternativeengaging the press through dialogic components of World Wide Web sites
dc.description.departmentJournalism and Mass Communication
dc.description.majorJournalism and Mass Communication
dc.description.advisorBryan H. Reber
dc.description.committeeBryan H. Reber
dc.description.committeeLynne Sallot
dc.description.committeeJanice Hume

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