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dc.contributor.authorMcFay, Danny Dale
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to investigate the validity and effectiveness of curriculum-based measurements (CBM) as an instrument to collect response data for the Response to Intervention (RTI) process in conjunction with a researched based instructional reading strategy known as Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) for middle grade students with and without disabilities. The goal of RTI is identify and assist in making appropriate instructional modification decisions based upon research based assessment data. Students were at risk if they scored one standard deviation below the group mean. The treatment group (N=25) received traditional standards based instruction with the PALS intervention and the control group (N=25) only received traditional standards based instruction. The study ran for nine weeks during the first semester of 2008. A One-Way Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) was used to assess the effect size of the treatment. Computation of effect size of treatment indicated that curriculum based measurements together with a researched based instructional intervention was effective. Results of this investigation are discussed along with limitations and implications for future research.
dc.subjectResponse to Intervention
dc.subjectCurriculum Based Measurement
dc.subjectPeer Assisted Learning Strategies
dc.subjectReading instruction
dc.title.alternativeuse of curriculum-based measurements to facilitate student achievement for learners at-risk of academic failure in reading at the middle school level
dc.description.departmentCommunication Sciences and Special Education
dc.description.advisorCecil Fore, III
dc.description.advisorRichard Boon
dc.description.committeeCecil Fore, III
dc.description.committeeRichard Boon
dc.description.committeeYolanda Keller-Bell
dc.description.committeeJohn Dayton

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