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dc.contributor.authorHarrison, Jean Elizabeth
dc.description.abstractThis research presented information regarding the advertisement of women’s hosiery in the 1920s through the use of Vogue magazine. The objectives of this research were to look at the change in frequency of advertisements for women’s hosiery, to monitor the increase or decrease in the exposure of the female leg in these advertisements, and to examine the main approaches used in the verbiage and artwork in hosiery advertisements. No previous research on this topic has been identified. It was found that the number of advertisements for women’s hosiery increased over the decade from 47 advertisements in 1920 to 91 advertisements in 1929. The research also found that the amount of the leg exposed in advertisements for hosiery increased throughout the 1920s. Finally, the research showed that advertisements became more sexualized over the decade, with an emphasis on sophisticated sexuality.
dc.subject1920s advertising
dc.subjectVogue magazine
dc.subjectHistory of Hosiery
dc.subject1920s fashion
dc.titleFlappers and their flawless legs
dc.title.alternativean analysis of advertisements for women's hosiery in Vogue magazine from 1920 to 1929
dc.description.departmentTextiles, Merchandising and Interiors
dc.description.majorTextiles, Merchandising and Interiors
dc.description.advisorJose Blanco
dc.description.committeeJose Blanco
dc.description.committeeKatalin Medvedev
dc.description.committeePatricia Hunt-Hurst

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