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dc.contributor.authorSpruill, Dawn Moon
dc.description.abstractThe researcher investigated the perceptions of elementary public school principals on the value of teacher read-alouds in primary-grade classrooms. Participants were 209 public school principals from the state of Georgia who responded to a web-based survey. The researcher obtained data regarding the demographic profile of respondents’ school and district, the professional experience of the respondents, and the respondents’ perceptions of the value of read-alouds for development of literacy skills and the benefits of teacher read-alouds for specific sub-groups of students. Results suggested that the majority of principals surveyed not only value teacher read-alouds for literacy instruction and for specific sub-groups of students, but that most are cognizant of the impact teacher read-alouds can have on the development of literacy skills and are familiar with the components of effective teacher read-alouds.
dc.subjectelementary principals
dc.subjectliteracy instruction
dc.subjectsurvey research
dc.subjectprimary-grade students
dc.subjectteacher read-alouds
dc.titleA survey of elementary principals' perceptions on the value of teacher read-alouds in primary-grade classrooms.
dc.description.departmentLanguage and Literacy Education
dc.description.advisorJames F. Baumann
dc.description.committeeJames F. Baumann
dc.description.committeeLinda Labbo
dc.description.committeeMichelle Commeyras

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