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dc.contributor.authorConley, Jennifer Denise
dc.description.abstractThe present study utilizes the Mate Selection Survey, the same instrument used in several previous similar studies, to examine college students’ preferences in mate selection. Three research questions are addressed: First, using the original Hill (1945) instrument, how does the pattern of findings compare to those of previous college student samples? Second, how does using the expanded 24-characteristic instrument change the overall pattern of findings? And third, does the pattern of rankings differ by family structure of the respondent? Results indicate that there was a significant gender difference in value placed on several characteristics, the addition of new characteristics to the instrument was found to alter the rankings of the original 18 characteristics, and the characteristic of physical attraction was found to be significantly differently valued between the two family structure types.
dc.subjectmate preference
dc.subjectmate characteristics
dc.subjectand relationships
dc.titlePreferences in mate selection for college students
dc.title.alternativea 10-year follow-up
dc.description.departmentChild and Family Development
dc.description.majorChild and Family Development
dc.description.advisorLeslie Gordon Simons
dc.description.committeeLeslie Gordon Simons
dc.description.committeeTed Futris
dc.description.committeeDon Bower

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