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dc.contributor.authorWynne, Maria Frances
dc.description.abstractThere is a great need for educators to focus on the development of early literacy skills as national assessment data indicate that less than half the children who enter into the fourth grade read proficiently (Center for Education Statistics, 2005). As a result of these statistics, federal mandates aim to close the achievement gap. In order to achieve this goal, educators need valid instruments to assess early literacy skills. The current research examined two sources of validity for the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (Good & Kaminski, 1996) assessment. Concurrent evidence of validity was examined for the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (Good & Kaminski, 1996) with the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (Wagner, Torgesen, & Rashotte, 1999). The validity evidence included concurrent and factor analytic measures. The convergent and divergent relationship between the two literacy measures investigated supports the hypothesis that they are measuring similar latent constructs. A confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to investigate the dimensionality of the latent constructs (i.e. phonemic and orthographic awareness). The results indicated a strong relationship between measures of phonemic and orthographic awareness, and a weak relationship between phonemic and orthographic awareness with rapid naming tasks.
dc.subjectConstruct Validity
dc.subjectConcurrent Validity
dc.subjectPhonemic Awareness
dc.subjectOrthographic Awareness
dc.subjectReading assessments
dc.subjectEarly Literacy
dc.subjectDynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS)
dc.subjectComprehensive Test of Phonological
dc.titleComparison of the dynamic indicators of basic early literacy skills to the comprehensive test of phonological processing and implications for construct validity
dc.description.departmentCommunication Sciences and Special Education
dc.description.majorSpecial Education
dc.description.advisorNoel Gregg
dc.description.committeeNoel Gregg
dc.description.committeeKaren Samuelsen
dc.description.committeeWilliam Wraga
dc.description.committeeKevin Ayres
dc.description.committeeCynthia Vail

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