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dc.contributor.authorSpradley, Jessica Marie
dc.description.abstractIn a commercial setting broiler breeders are typically provided a restricted amount of feed once a day during the laying period, and this feed is rapidly consumed, leaving the birds to fast for extended periods of time before the next feeding. In the current research, the effects of shortening the daily fasting period on the reproductive performance of broiler breeder hens was investigated by implementing a twice a day (2x) versus once a day (1x) feeding program after photostimulation. The hens fed 2x produced significantly more eggs during the early lay period and had a significantly greater cumulative percent hen day egg production than the hens fed 1x. Cumulative mortality was also significantly higher, however, for the hens fed 2x than the hens fed 1x. The results indicate that providing broiler breeder hens feed 2x compared to 1x after photostimulation can enhance reproductive performance during the early lay period.
dc.subjectBroiler breeder hen Twice a day feeding Egg Production
dc.titleInfluence of a twice a day feeding regimen after photostimulation on the reproductive performance of broiler breeder hens
dc.description.departmentPoultry Science
dc.description.majorPoultry Science
dc.description.advisorAdam Davis
dc.description.committeeAdam Davis
dc.description.committeeMichael Lacy
dc.description.committeeJeanna Wilson

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