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dc.contributor.authorReinhardt, Jessica
dc.description.abstractThe present study is a content analysis of sexual content in relationally-oriented episodic dramas that air on broadcast and cable network television. Specifically, 10 episodes of six different programs were coded for content that ranges from sexual talk to sexual behavior. Not only does the analysis provide an assessment of the overall level of sexual content within this genre of programming, but it also reveals the nature of sexual interactions between female and male characters. Contrary to predictions, males were shown in sexually revealing instances as often as females. However, consistent with previous research 93% of sex occurred among unmarried couples and 94% of those instances contained no safe-sex discussion or behavior. The study has implications for researchers in that it provides an indication of the values and norms surrounding the depiction of sexual relationships on television and how those depictions are potentially interpreted by impressionable viewers.
dc.subjectsexual content analysis,sex in television programming
dc.subjectsexual theory
dc.titleSexual strategies theory meets "Sex and the City"
dc.title.alternativeapplying an adaptationlist lens to content analyze sexual contetent in television programming
dc.description.advisorTom Reichert
dc.description.committeeTom Reichert
dc.description.committeeJennifer Smith
dc.description.committeeAnandam Kavoori

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