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dc.contributor.authorSmith, Phillip Cameron
dc.description.abstractTechnology education is a eld of study which seeks to promote technological literacy for all students. Some recent research in the eld has focused on integrating content and methodology from engineering design into technology education classes, particularly at the secondary level. This study contributes to the research base in technology education on the subject of incorporating the engineering design process into the technology education curriculum. It addressed the need for the development of a framework for understanding engineering design and the related academic concepts that can be used by professionals in the eld of technology education seeking to incorporate the engineering design process into the technology education curriculum. The purpose of this study was to address the question What are the essential aspects and related academic concepts of an engineering design process in secondary technology education curriculum for the purpose of establishing technological literacy?A four-round Delphi process was the research methodology employed in this study to give multiple opportunities for the group opinion to coalesce. The resulting data from the Delphi process was analyzed and categorized. Only those items that met strictest criteria for high median score, low interquartile range, and consensus were accepted as very important and considered in the conclusions and recommendations. Participants in this study identi ed forty-eight items that met these strict requirements. The conclusions made from this study were related to the integration of engineering design into secondary technology education classes. The recommendations fell into three categories: future research, instructional delivery methods, and teacher preparation.
dc.subjectTechnology Education
dc.subjectengineering design process
dc.subjectsecondary education
dc.subjectmental processes
dc.subjectand Delphi process
dc.titleEssential aspects and related academic concepts of an engineering design curriculum in secondary technology education
dc.description.departmentWorkforce Education, Leadership, and Social Foundations
dc.description.majorOccupational Studies
dc.description.advisorRobert C. Wicklein
dc.description.committeeRobert C. Wicklein
dc.description.committeeSid Thompson
dc.description.committeeJay Rojewski
dc.description.committeeRoger Hill
dc.description.committeeDavid Gattie

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