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dc.contributor.authorRobinson, Jaclyn Ellis
dc.description.abstractThe utility of an automated acid hydrolysis and extraction (AHE) system was evaluated for extraction of fat for the quantification of total, saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and trans fat in cereal products. Oil extracted by the AHE system was assessed: gravimetrically for total fat; by capillary GC analysis for total fat, lipid classes, and trans fat; and by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy for quantification of trans fat. Results were compared with parallel determinations using the standard AOAC Method 996.01. For gravimetric and gas chromatographic evaluations the AHE system results were equivalent to the AOAC 996.01 results ( . = 0.01), indicating that the AHE system can be used to measure total fat, lipid classes, and trans fat with sufficient accuracy for nutrition labeling. The AHE and AOAC results were not equivalent for all samples assessed by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy, thus for this application the AHE system may be better suited for rough screening.
dc.subjecttotal fat
dc.subjecttrans fat
dc.subjectnutrition labeling
dc.subjectcereal products
dc.subjectAOAC 996.01
dc.titleEvaluation of an automated hydrolysis and extraction method for quantification of fat in cereal foods
dc.description.departmentFood Science and Technology
dc.description.majorFood Science
dc.description.advisorSandra Kays
dc.description.committeeSandra Kays
dc.description.committeeLouise Wicker
dc.description.committeeRakesh Singh

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