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dc.contributor.authorQadeesh, Basima
dc.description.abstractIn this work, I intend to examine the feminine identity in two novels of Tahar Ben Jelloun: L’Enfant de sable and La Nuit sacrée. I propose that this identity appears to be complicated, contradictory, evocative and revelator of the social problems. I show how the feminine personalities are illusionary and burdened by their heavy charges. I suggest that Ahmed-Zahra undergoes a process of transformation that I call a quest of self-finding generated by her sense of culpability as well as of her feminine desire. I propose that the history of Zahra is the history of the woman in general not only in the Maghreb but also in the entire region, and that the woman melts in the society and appears as its representative and its reflection. I conclude that the liberation of woman is part of the society’s liberation and that we cannot consider one without the other.
dc.subjectL\'identité féminine
dc.subjectL\'Enfant de sable
dc.subjectLa Nuit sacrée
dc.subjectTahar Ben Jelloun.
dc.titleL'identité féminine dans L’Enfant de Sable et La Nuit Sacrée
dc.description.departmentRomance Languages
dc.description.advisorNina Hellerstein
dc.description.committeeNina Hellerstein
dc.description.committeeTimothy Raser
dc.description.committeeDoris Kadish

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