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dc.contributor.authorWendelberger, Helga
dc.description.abstractThis quantitative statistical investigation analyzes two different authorship case studies that entail language concealment. The investigation focuses on whether individuals can disguise their individual idiolects by changing the characteristics of their writing style, deliberately or unintentionally, or whether an individual s voice is so habitually ingrained with style markers that it can be identified even if disguised. The first study investigates unintentional language concealment involving psychic channeling claims. The second study determines what happens to style markers in a pseudonymic environment where authorship is deliberately disguised. In addition, this case study investigates how an individual s idiolect will react in a cross-genre situation (fiction versus non-fiction). The investigation stems from the hypothesis that an individual s idiolect contains characteristic markers, which can be used in scientific linguistic quantitative investigations to determine the authorship of written documents. Each multivariate technique that is used (principal component analysis, discriminant analysis, and cluster analysis) supplies a piece of the puzzle that ultimately completes the picture of the analysis. The compilation of the three techniques (referred to as the multivariate triad), used in each of the studies, establishes that the quantitative methodology used in conjunction with high frequency function words is robust enough to predict authorship to a high probability provided that the sample size of the texts to be investigated is sizeable.
dc.subjectCorpus Linguistics
dc.subjectForensic Linguistics
dc.subjectAuthor Identification
dc.subjectAuthor Attribution
dc.subjectMultivariate Analysis
dc.titleHide and seek
dc.title.alternativequantitative authorship identification in language concealment
dc.description.advisorWilliam A. Kretzschmar
dc.description.committeeWilliam A. Kretzschmar
dc.description.committeeRenate Born
dc.description.committeeMarlyse Baptista

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