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dc.contributor.authorHerles, Cecilia Maria
dc.description.abstractMy work examines and evaluates views held by Julian Simon, Jack Hollander, and Anne and Paul Ehrlich regarding the state of the environment. I look at the role of the concepts of human nature and the environment in their overall conclusions. After showing how these theories fail to examine issues of “gender, “race, and “class, I recommend an ecological feminist perspective. In the first chapter, I evaluate optimistic positions regarding the condition of the environment offered by Julian Simon and Jack Hollander. In the second chapter, I evaluate the work by Anne and Paul Ehrlich that disagrees with this perspective. In the third chapter, I examine categories such as “gender and “race and illustrate that environmental ethics can be greatly enhanced by considering the work of ecological feminists. In the fourth chapter, I examine and evaluate possible objections to my analysis. In the concluding chapter, I compare two different types of analyses of Hurricane Katrina, and I demonstrate the benefits of an ecological feminist examination of categories in analyzing this disaster.
dc.rightsOn Campus Only
dc.subjectEnvironmental ethics
dc.subjectfeminist philosophy
dc.subjectecological feminism
dc.titleAn ecological feminist analysis of categories
dc.description.advisorVictoria Davion
dc.description.committeeVictoria Davion
dc.description.committeeRobert Burton
dc.description.committeeElizabeth Preston

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