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dc.contributor.authorHatzios, Adamantia Kriton
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to investigate the perceptions of both the utility and importance of international public relations education in practice among public relations educators and public relations practitioners. There has been an increased interest in scholarly research in international public relations and an effort to incorporate more international components into public relations programs at universities in the United States. There have been several quantitative studies exploring various areas of public relations education, but there has not been a depth exploration of thoughts and attitudes. This qualitative study explored the unprompted ideas and suggestions experts in international PR make of international public relations education. Through 21 depth interviews, the study assessed practitioners’ and educators’ perceptions of current international public relations education and how this type of education can contribute to the effectiveness of future practitioners. This study explores the link between education and its contribution to the practice.
dc.subjectinternational public relations
dc.subjectpublic relations education
dc.subjectpublic relations curriculum
dc.subjectqualitative research in public relations
dc.titlePerceptions of utility and importance of international public relations education among educators and practitioners
dc.description.departmentGrady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
dc.description.majorJournalism and Mass Communication
dc.description.advisorRuthann Weaver Lariscy
dc.description.committeeRuthann Weaver Lariscy
dc.description.committeeAnandam Kavoori
dc.description.committeeBryan Reber

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