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dc.contributor.authorReed, Bina N.
dc.description.abstractWe describe SSESAy, aste m fSortud ying tEheff ectivenesAsni ofma tions, and an empirical study that evaluates two visualization design atterd aibuts aes t. SestSiEngA w as createnvironment for studying the effects of various attrin on vibutes ien viwer sualization desigcomprehension. Researchers create a series of animastiigonsn c ihan SracStEeAr wisittih ac i n demind. SSEA allows these animations to be viewed while rnteecroarcditingons t ahend viewer’s iresponses to questions about the underlying algorithm. At the conclusion of running all experiments, the researchers can examine the log fforilme as gnaelnyesriast ofed, a thend pe rresponses and timings with respect to the attribute iben aing s eexraimeisne ofd. T he firststudies to be conducted examined the attributes: comparishnion cqueuesi ng and exchange tecusing traditional and popup questions, measuring comprehension a. nd perception, respectivelyNo significant effects were observed in comprehension quefectsst wionsere. S found ignificant efin the perceptual questions.
dc.subjectsystem studying effectiveness animations
dc.subjectempirical study
dc.subjecttesting environment
dc.subjectvisualization design
dc.subjectviewer comprehension
dc.subjectcomparison cueing
dc.subjectexchange techniques
dc.subjectalgorithm animation
dc.subjectvisualization system
dc.titleInvestigating characteristics of effective program visualizations
dc.title.alternativea testing environment and the effect of comparison cueing and exchange techniques on viewer comprehension in algorithm animations
dc.description.departmentComputer Science
dc.description.majorComputer Science
dc.description.advisorEileen Kraemer
dc.description.committeeEileen Kraemer
dc.description.committeeRobert W. Robinson
dc.description.committeeI. Budak Arpinar

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