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dc.contributor.authorMills, Cory Ivan
dc.description.abstractNew transgenic technology (Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex) will continue to revolutionize cotton production. A two year study (2004-2005) was conducted at two locations in southwest Georgia to test the responses of Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex (BGII/RRF) and Bollgard/Roundup Ready (BG/RR) to water stress, flower removal (FR), and late glyphosate applications. Late glyphosate applications delayed maturity in BG/RR cotton, which compensated for fruit loss by producing heavier remaining bolls, while BGII/RRF cotton produced a higher number of bolls per 10 plants. The BGII/RRF cotton had increased boll number and weight at the first sympodial position at lower main stem nodes, while BG/RR produced more and heavier bolls on the upper main stem nodes. Flower removal did not negatively affect BGII/RRF or BG/RR, further supporting the hypothesis that compensation for early fruit loss may occur. Few differences in fiber quality were observed.
dc.subjectBollgard II
dc.subjectflower removal
dc.subjectfiber quality
dc.subjectRoundup Ready
dc.subjectRoundup Ready Flex
dc.subjectwater stress
dc.titleYield, quality, and fruit distribution in Bollgard/Roundup Ready and Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex cotton
dc.description.departmentCrop and Soil Sciences
dc.description.majorCrop and Soil Sciences
dc.description.advisorCraig W. Bednarz
dc.description.committeeCraig W. Bednarz
dc.description.committeeSteven M. Brown
dc.description.committeePhillip Roberts

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