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dc.contributor.authorCook, Jennifer Latrell
dc.description.abstractThe present study examines links between African American fathers’ parenting practices and the development of children’s problem behavior and school engagement. Specifically, the hypothesized relationships included (1) that African American fathers’ competence promoting parenting would be associated overtime with a decrease in children’s problem behavior, (2) that African American fathers’ competence promoting parenting would contribute to an increase in children’s school engagement across time, (3) that African American fathers’ contribution to their children’s problem behavior would be mediated through children’s school engagement, (4) that fathers’ religiosity would be associated with African American fathers’ intimate partner relationships, and (5) that African American fathers’ competence promoting parenting would be influenced by the quality of their intimate partner relationships. The subsample for the present study, N= 255, was selected from a larger study of 867 families participating in Wave 1 and Wave 2 of the Family and Community Health Study (FACHS). Using structural equation modeling (SEM), the results were consistent with the proposed hypotheses. African American fathers’ religiosity influenced African American fathers’ intimate relationship quality. In turn, African American fathers’ parenting was indirectly influenced by their sense of religiosity through the quality of these relationships. Additionally, fathers’ parenting yielded protective benefits to children’s problem behaviors and their school engagement.
dc.subjectAfrican American Fathers
dc.subjectAfrican American Children
dc.subjectIntimate Partner Relationship Quality
dc.subjectSchool Engagement
dc.subjectProblem Behavior
dc.titleLinking African American fathers' religiosity, intimate partner relationship quality, and parenting to the development of children's school engagement and problem behavior
dc.description.departmentChild and Family Development
dc.description.majorChild and Family Development
dc.description.advisorGene H. Brody
dc.description.committeeGene H. Brody
dc.description.committeeVelma McBride Murry
dc.description.committeeTalmadge Guy

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