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dc.contributor.authorConzatti, Caroline
dc.description.abstractThe artists’ group Les XX existed in Brussels from 1883-1893. An interest in Spain pervaded their member artists, other artists invited to the their salons, and the authors associated with the group. This interest manifested itself in a variety of ways, including references to Spanish art and culture in artists’ personal letters or writings, in written works such as books on Spanish art or travel and journal articles, and lastly in visual works with overtly Spanish subjects or subjects that exhibited the influence of Spanish art. Many of these examples incorporate stereotypes of Spaniards that had existed for hundreds of years. The work of Goya was particularly interesting to some members of Les XX, as he was a printmaker and an artist who created work containing social commentary.
dc.subjectLes XX
dc.subjectDario de Regoyos
dc.subjectHenry de Groux
dc.subjectJames Ensor
dc.subjectFrancisco Lucientes de Goya
dc.subjectBlack Legend
dc.titleThe artists of Les XX
dc.title.alternativeseeking and responding to the lure of Spain
dc.description.departmentArt History
dc.description.majorArt History
dc.description.advisorAlisa Luxenberg
dc.description.committeeAlisa Luxenberg
dc.description.committeeEvan Firestone
dc.description.committeeJanice Simon

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