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dc.contributor.authorLumor, Stephen Enyam
dc.description.abstractStructured lipids were synthesized by incorporating gamma-linolenic, linoleic, and stearic acids into a blend of palm olein and palm kernel oil (50:50, v/v). Effects of reaction parameters such as substrate mole ratio, time, temperature and type of acyl donor on fatty acid incorporation were studied. The reactions were catalyzed by an sn-1,3-regiospecific lipase, Lipozyme RM IM. Incorporation of fatty acids was determined by gas chromatography. Our results showed that substrate mole ratio was the most important factor affecting incorporation and the suitability of free fatty acids or fatty acid ethyl esters as acyl donor was temperature dependent. Reaction time had the least effect on incorporation. Response surface methodology was used to model the incorporation of stearic acid into the oil blend. The coefficients of determination and regression p-value indicated a strong model. The model showed no lack of fit, had strong validity and reproducibility. Our work showed that structured lipids can be synthesized from the oil blend for possible food applications.
dc.subjectgamma-linolenic acid
dc.subjectlinoleic acid
dc.subjectLipozyme RM IM
dc.subjectpalm kernel oil
dc.subjectpalm olein
dc.subjectresponse surface methodology
dc.subjectstearic acid
dc.subjectstructured lipids
dc.titleEnzymatic modification of palm olein and palm kernel oil blend to produce structured lipids
dc.title.alternativea study of reaction parameters
dc.description.departmentFood Science and Technology
dc.description.majorFood Science
dc.description.advisorCasimir C. Akoh
dc.description.committeeCasimir C. Akoh
dc.description.committeeRomeo T. Toledo
dc.description.committeeRonald R. Eitenmiller

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