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dc.contributor.authorWalsh, Eamon Patrick
dc.description.abstractThis thesis examines dual-use export controls and their relationship with the influence of the EU institutions, EU supranational defense industry interest groups and theories of regional integration. The European Union has developed a system for dualuse-export control that could potentially have strong implications for the future of national sovereignty for the member states. There does not currently exist any legally binding regime for export controls among states in the international system, with the exception of the members of the EU. Does the current system actually improve the common dual-use export control policy for the EU over that which previously existed? If the current system has actually improved dual-use technology regulation by the EU, what explanation could provide an answer for how the EU was able to transfer at least partial sovereignty of this national security concern from the national governments to the integrated, supranational level of the EU institutions?
dc.subjectCenter for International Trade and Security
dc.subjectdefense industry
dc.subjectdual-use goods
dc.subjectEuropean Union
dc.subjectexport controls
dc.subjectnational security
dc.subjectnational sovereignty
dc.subjectregional integration
dc.titleSecurity shifts and power plays
dc.title.alternativethe case of European Union dual-use export control regime development
dc.description.departmentPolitical Science
dc.description.majorPolitical Science
dc.description.advisorGary Bertsch
dc.description.committeeGary Bertsch
dc.description.committeeJeffrey Berejikian
dc.description.committeeMaurits van der Veen

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