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dc.contributor.authorMunoz, Corey Steven
dc.description.abstractThe diversification of the workplace is a growing trend in organizations today. Traditionally this diversity has focused on gender and racial diversity. However, this study broadens the definition of diversity to include sexual minority issues in the workplace. More specifically, this research accessed participant’s willingness to partner with a sexual minority coworker. Employee biographical forms have been provided as a means for manipulating variables (job level & sexuality). Previous contact experiences and intergroup anxiety towards sexual minorities were also examined as possible influences on participant’s willingness to partner. The results indicated that the sexuality of the co-workers did play an important part in participant’s willingness to partner as heterosexual employees were rated higher than homosexual. Gender differences were found in intergroup anxiety and previous contact experiences. Job level influenced distancing behaviors as the greatest differences in ratings between heterosexual and homosexual employees were found at the senior manager job level.
dc.subjectGay & lesbian employees
dc.subjectIntergroup anxiety
dc.subjectInterpersonal heterosexism
dc.subjectJob partner
dc.subjectCo-worker attitudes
dc.subjectEmployee job level
dc.titleIntergroup anxiety and willingness to partner : heterosexual response to sexual minority co-workers
dc.description.advisorKecia Thomas
dc.description.committeeKecia Thomas
dc.description.committeeRob Mahan
dc.description.committeeRobert Hill

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