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dc.contributor.authorHoffacker, Erich Christian
dc.description.abstractContinuous improvement of agriculture is necessitated by growing demand for products. Two applications of agricultural radio telemetry are proposed that could improve production and research. Precision agriculture requires up-to-date information, but data telemetry can be too expensive for academic researchers. The first application is a low cost soil telemetry system based on RFID equipment, and a bench level prototype was developed to show feasibility. For the second application, modern poultry production often relies on "tunnel ventilation" in houses to remediate the effects of high temperature and humidity. Air speed control is generally based on ambient temperature, ignoring the state of the birds themselves. An experimental system was assembled to determine the feasibility of closed-loop control of air speed in a tunnel ventilation enclosure based on a bird's deep body temperature (DBT). Results show that DBT feedback can be used in a closed-loop system controlling poultry tunnel ventilation.
dc.subjectradio telemetry
dc.subjectsoil telemetry
dc.subjectpoultry deep body temperature
dc.subjecttunnel ventilation
dc.subjectenvironmental control of poultry housing
dc.titleApplications of radio telemetry in agriculture : a low cost approach to soil monitoring for precision agriculture and closed-loop control of poultry tunnel ventilation based on deep body temperature
dc.description.departmentAgricultural Engineering
dc.description.majorAgricultural Engineering
dc.description.advisorTakoi K. Hamrita
dc.description.committeeTakoi K. Hamrita
dc.description.committeeWilliam Kisaalita
dc.description.committeeGuigen Zhang

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