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dc.contributor.authorWalker, Kay Frances Rainwater
dc.description.abstractSchools are organizations. In order to survive and grow, schools must have loyal employees at each level of the organization. This research was conducted to determine which properties in high priority schools in Georgia might be related to employee loyalty to each of the organizational levels of the schools.This study examined the relationships among the organizational variables of institutional integrity, principal openness, and teacher openness to teacher loyalty to the school system, the principal, and teacher colleagues. The sample of schools consisted of 29 elementary schools from 7 school systems in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. The schools were chosen from a list of 121 elementary schools which the Georgia Office of Education Accountability had labeled "High Priority Schools" in 2001. The sample represented 24% of all schools in the selected population of high priority urban schools. Each teacher who participated in the study completed two surveys. One survey was the School Climate and Health Questionnaire, which measured institutional integrity, principal openness, and teacher openness. The second survey was the Rutgers School Loyalty Questionnaire, which measured teacher loyalty to the school system, the principal, and teacher colleagues. Between 25% and 50% of the teachers in each school returned the surveys. The school was the unit of analysis. Three hypotheses were tested. It was found that teacher loyalty to the system was not significantly related to institutional integrity. However, teacher loyalty to the principal is significantly related to principal openness and collegial loyalty is significantly related to teacher openness. Post hoc analyses revealed significant relationships among the loyalty variables.
dc.subjectinstitutional integrity
dc.subjectprincipal openness
dc.subjectteacher openness
dc.subjectschool climate
dc.subjecturban schools
dc.subjectschool improvement
dc.titleFaculty loyalty in high priority elementary schools
dc.description.departmentEducational Leadership
dc.description.majorEducational Leadership
dc.description.advisorWilliam W. Swan
dc.description.committeeWilliam W. Swan
dc.description.committeeC. Thomas Holmes
dc.description.committeeC. Kenneth Tanner

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