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dc.contributor.authorWood, Heather Miranda
dc.description.abstractPush-ups have been used in many fitness tests to measure arm and shoulder girdle strength and endurance. The purpose of this study is to determine the reliability, objectivity, and validity of the bent-knee push-up for college-aged females and to determine the relationship between the modified push-up and bent-knee push-up. Eightyseven college-aged females participated in this study. The interscorer objectivity coefficient for the bent-knee push-up was .997. A stability reliability coefficient of .83 was obtained. The correlation between the bent-knee push-up scores and the bench press scores was .67. The correlation between the revised push-up scores and the bench press scores was .68. Based on these findings, the bent-knee push-up test could be used as a test of arm and shoulder girdle strength and endurance for females to ensure proper measurement of the females with low strength.
dc.subjectBent-knee Push-Ups
dc.subjectRevised Push-ups
dc.subjectArm and Soulder Girdle Strength and Endurance
dc.titleObjectivity, reliability, and validity of the bent-knee push-up for college aged females
dc.description.departmentSchool of Health and Human Performance
dc.description.majorExercise Science
dc.description.advisorTed Baumgartner
dc.description.committeeTed Baumgartner
dc.description.committeeKirk Cureton
dc.description.committeeKathy Simpson

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