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dc.contributor.authorRast, Lee Adams
dc.description.abstractIt is the purpose of this investigation to explore selected works of Gisèle Pineau to examine her recurrent theme of exile. While many consider exile to be a geographic issue, Pineau exposes its more literary sense. She gives voice to the generations of women in the Antilles who suffered and still suffer the weight of slavery and colonisation. Pineau gives the reader a sense of the past and of the traditions that are the foundation of the heritage of the African woman as well as the political, religious and economic factors that have impacted her role in the modern world. In her works, one sees that Pineau first establishes the Antillean woman as an individual, capable of shaping her own destiny and then as a valued member of her society.
dc.subjectGisèle Pineau
dc.subjectWomen Writers of the Antilles
dc.subjectGuadeloupean authors
dc.titleLe theme de l'exil dans les ouvres de Gisele Pineau
dc.description.departmentRomance Languages
dc.description.majorRomance Languages
dc.description.advisorNina Hellerstein
dc.description.committeeNina Hellerstein
dc.description.committeeDoris Kadish
dc.description.committeeJean-Pierre Piriou

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