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dc.contributor.authorLiu, Cejun
dc.description.abstractA Metropolis-Type Dynamics and the Monte Carlo Damage Spreading technique are proposed to study Ising,mixed-spin Ising,and Blume-Capel models on the 2- dimensional square lattice.For the mixed spin Ising model,our results strongly suggest that this spin model may have a tricritical point at .nite temperature;For S =1 and 2 integer spin Blume-Capel models,our results suggest there exists one multi-critical point along the order-disorder transition line.For S =3/2 and 5/2 half- integer spin Blume-Capel models,our results show that this multi-critical behavior does not exist. The Self-Consistent High-Order Feynman Diagram Expansion Technique is intro- duced and then employed to study two correlated electron models:the Hubbard Model (HBM)and the Anderson Impurity Model (AIM)with maximum expansion order n =3.The basic idea of Monte Carlo Summation technique combined with the Self-Consistent Feynman Diagram Expansion,the initial results,and proposed future work on this topic are also presented.
dc.subjectMonte Carlo
dc.subjectDamage Spreading
dc.subjectIsing Model
dc.subjectMixed Spin Ising Model,Blume-Capel Model
dc.subjectSelf-Consistent Feynman Diagram Expansion,Hubbard Model
dc.subjectAnderson Impurity Model
dc.subjectMonte Carlo Summation Technique
dc.titleMonte Carlo and self-consistent feynman diagram studies of magnetic and correlated electron models
dc.description.departmentPhysics and Astronomy
dc.description.advisorH. B. Schuttler
dc.description.committeeH. B. Schuttler
dc.description.committeeM. R. Geller
dc.description.committeeW. M. Dennis
dc.description.committeeD. P. Landau
dc.description.committeeS. P. Lewis

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