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dc.contributor.authorBrock, Stacy
dc.description.abstractThis study created a description of 26 Athens Area Habitat for Humanity (AAHFH) homeowners. Interviews were conducted with the homeowners either at their home, in the AAHFH office, or over the telephone. The interviews showed that homeowners are generally satisfied with their Habitat homes and the components of the Habitat program. Additionally, it was shown that the Habitat homes are in good physical condition. The most important findings of the study are that homeowners are generally satisfied with their homes, the educational classes are important to the homeowners, and there are homeowners with mortgage delinquencies. As a component of this study a questionnaire was developed that can be used to test hypotheses about factors related to the success of a larger group of Habitat for Humanity homeowners.
dc.subjectHabitat for Humanity
dc.subjectHome ownership
dc.subjectMortgage payments
dc.subjectBenefits and burdens of home ownership
dc.subjectCondition of homes
dc.subjectLow-income households
dc.subjectVolunteer organizations
dc.titleAthens Area Habitat for Humanity : homeowners and their homes
dc.description.departmentHousing and Consumer Economics
dc.description.majorHousing and Consumer Economics
dc.description.advisorAnne L. Sweaney
dc.description.committeeAnne L. Sweaney
dc.description.committeeGladys Shelton
dc.description.committeeDeborah Godwin

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