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dc.contributor.authorWu, Dong F.
dc.description.abstractNucleosides have been studied as potential anti-viral and anti-cancer agents. A number of nucleosides have been discovered with significant antiviral activity. However, toxicities and side effects as well as the emergence of drug resistant viral strains limit the usefulness of the currently available nucleosides as anti-viral agents. Furthermore, the disadvantage of normal nucleosides and their analogs is that the glycosidic bond is subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis by phosphorylase. To overcome these problems, we need to synthesize new agents, among which are carbocyclic nucleoside analogs. In this thesis, the new carbocyclic L-Nucleoside with 5’-methylene group was synthesized and the new scheme was designed to synthesize the similar analogs.
dc.subjectCarbocyclic L-Nucleosides
dc.subjectEnzymatic Hydrolysis
dc.subjectAntiviral Agents
dc.subject5’-Methylene Group.
dc.titleSynthesis of carbocyclic L-Nucleosides
dc.description.departmentPharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
dc.description.majorNo Major
dc.description.advisorChung K. Chu
dc.description.committeeChung K. Chu
dc.description.committeeTony Capomacchia
dc.description.committeeRobert Lu

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