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dc.contributor.authorHiggins, Holly Ryan
dc.description.abstractThe meaning of generalized or global self-efficacy (GSE) was explored in this study. Domain-specific self-efficacy and personality were examined for similarity to. The sample included 175 undergraduate students who completed a measure of general selfefficacy beliefs, one measure of domain- specific self-efficacy beliefs, and one measure of personality. Results indicated that general self-efficacy cannot be represented by a sum of domain-specific self-efficacies. Dimensions of personality shared more variance with GSE than did specific domains of self-efficacy. The most highly correlated dimension of personality with GSE was Conscientiousness. However, considering the correlation corrected for attenuation, there was less than a 40% overlap in variance of Conscientiousness and GSE. If GSE "is" personality, it is most likely a personality profile rather than a part of a specific dimension of personality. Future research may confirm that GSE is a personality profile, but these results provide greater support for the notion that general self-efficacy represents a belief system about self that is slightly different from both personality and domain-specific self-efficacy.
dc.subjectGeneral Self-Efficacy
dc.subjectDomain Specific Self-Efficacy
dc.subjectPersonality and Construct Validity
dc.titleConstruct validity of general self-efficacy
dc.title.alternativeinvestigation of the overlap in general self-efficacy, domain-specific self-efficacy, and personality
dc.description.departmentChild and Family Development
dc.description.majorChild and Family Development
dc.description.advisorLynda H. Walters
dc.description.committeeLynda H. Walters
dc.description.committeeCharles Halverson
dc.description.committeeMaureen Davey

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