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dc.contributor.authorSkinner, Kristie Anne
dc.description.abstractThis study was designed to determine whether there was a cumulative effect on several days of acute resistance exercise performed in one week on glucose and insulin responses during an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) in 14 healthy older adults. Participants performed three sets of 10 repetitions at 75% of the 3RM maximum on eight resistance exercises on three nonconsecutive days in 1 week. Insulin and glucose responses to an OGTT were measured at baseline, 24 hours after 1 and 3 days of exercise, and 72 hours after the third bout of exercise. The 3 days of acute exercise had nosignificant effects on fasting glucose or insulin responses. There also were no significant differences in glucose or insulin responses during any of the OGTTs following the exercise sessions. In conclusion, three bouts of acute resistance exercise performed on nonconsecutive days in 1 week does not have a cumulative effect on insulin or glucose responses to a glucose challenge. These findings suggest that a greater exercise stimulus is needed to improve insulin sensitivity in older adults.
dc.subjectInsulin resistance
dc.subjectinsulin sensitivity
dc.subjectresistance exercise
dc.subjectglucose tolerance
dc.titleEffect of three days of acute resistance exercise on insulin and glucose responses in older men and women
dc.description.departmentSchool of Health and Human Performance
dc.description.majorExercise Science
dc.description.advisorKirk J. Cureton
dc.description.committeeKirk J. Cureton
dc.description.committeeHarry Duval
dc.description.committeeRichard Lewis

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