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dc.contributor.authorKrueger, Antje
dc.description.abstractThis thesis reflects the paradigm shift from product to process writing and its implications for beginning foreign language instruction. In contrast to the "traditional" foreign language curriculum, which introduces writing mostly in the third and forth year of language instruction as a tool for academic writing, process writing emphasizes all stages of writing including brainstorming, outlining and the final product. This theoretical approach facilitates early writing and shows how it can be used as a communicative and motivating tool for foreign language instruction. | The presentation of certain techniques (i. e. usage of brainstorming, assoziograms and free writing) and mediums (i. e. usage of diary, dialogue journal, e-mail, chat and webpages) should demonstrate how writing can be used in early language instruction and how it might improve second language acquisition. Furthermore I want to show that computer-mediated writing is suited for process writing.
dc.subjectsecond language acquisition
dc.subjectSchreiben im Deutschunterricht
dc.title“Wenn ich nur dreist damit den Anfang mache"
dc.title.alternativeAspekte zur Theorie und Praxis des Schreibens im deutschen Sprachunterricht unter besonderer Berucksichtigung von Online-Medien
dc.description.departmentGermanic and Slavic Studies
dc.description.advisorBrigitte Rossbacher
dc.description.committeeBrigitte Rossbacher
dc.description.committeeMarjanne Goozé
dc.description.committeeMartin Kagel

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