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dc.contributor.authorJacobs, Janet Ashley
dc.description.abstractThe replication characteristics of Avian pneumovirus (APV) subtype C were studied by generation of a growth curve and by northern blot hybridization of cell-infected RNA with APV N and M genes. APV/C was detected in cell culture media by 24 hours post- infection replicating to a maximum titer of 106 by six days post-infection. APV/C transcription could be detected by northern blot hybridization within 24 hours post- infection and continued for 5 days. The N, P, M, F, and M2 genes for the APV subtypes A, B and C were sequenced. Phylogenetic analysis of the APV N, P, M, F and M2 contiguous sequences confirmed the presence of three APV subgroups. Finally, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was performed on purified APV/C proteins to determine if the attachment protein, G, was present since it has yet to be cloned. A putative G protein was detected by Coomassie and glycoprotein staining.
dc.subjectAvian pneumovirus
dc.subjectTurkey rhinotracheitis
dc.titlePropagation and molecular characterization of avian pneumoviruses
dc.description.departmentAvian Medicine
dc.description.majorAvian Medicine
dc.description.advisorBruce Seal
dc.description.committeeBruce Seal
dc.description.committeeMark Jackwood
dc.description.committeeMaricarmen Garcia
dc.description.committeeStacey Schultz-Cherry

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