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dc.contributor.authorAugustin, Nina
dc.description.abstractThis thesis begins with an introduction to suicide in the 18th century. I will show how the society in the 18th century dealt with suicide and related problems like depressions. It is also of interest, how the people reacted to the book Die Leiden des jungen Werther, in which Johann Wolfgang von Goethe writes about a young man, who is planning and finally comitting suicide. The reader's reaction to this book will be discussed in the second chapter. In the third chapter I will compare Goethe's Werther with Lessing's Emila Galotti, also a fictional character, that attempts to commit suicide. If Werther and Emilia can be compared, will be discussed in the third chapter. The question raises, if Werther actually identifies himself with Emilia and how this is possible. In the last chapter I will talk about how the society might be responsible for Werthers and Emilas death and why Goethe's Werther is reading Emilia Galotti.
dc.subjectDie Leiden des jungen Werther
dc.subjectEmilia Galotti
dc.subjectEmilia und Werther
dc.titleWerthers und emilias leiden: die selbstmordproblematik in johann wolfgang von goethes die leiden des jungen werther unter berücksichtigung von gotthold ephraim lessings emilia galotti
dc.description.departmentGermanic and Slavic Studies
dc.description.advisorMartin Kagel
dc.description.committeeMartin Kagel
dc.description.committeeMarjanne Gooze
dc.description.committeeChristine Haase

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