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dc.contributor.authorBender, Rhett Lyle
dc.description.abstractThe saxophone quartet has become an established chamber music ensemble. Reviews of quartets may be found in several journals, but collectively there is no single source. This document provides musicians with a single source containing stylistic and performance information on American saxophone quartets. Chapter One provides information on the sources used to locate quartets, defines terms used to describe the quartets, and explains rating of the levels of difficulty. Chapter Two is an annotated bibliography of the quartets. The entries in the bibliography are alphabetized by composer and, depending on availability, each includes the following information: the composer's birth and death year; title; date of composition; location and name of publisher; date of publication; commissioning body; dedication; level of difficulty; and approximate duration. The annotations briefly cover the quartet's form, style characteristics, and recommendation of appropriate ensemble level requirements. Chapter Three is a conclusion summarizing compositional styles and characteristics of the quartets. A bibliography, a list of annotated works, a list of annotated works categorized by difficulty, and a list of publishers are also included.
dc.subjectSaxophone Quartet
dc.titleAnnotated bibliography of published saxophone quartets (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone) by American composers
dc.description.advisorKenneth Fischer
dc.description.committeeKenneth Fischer
dc.description.committeeDwight Manning
dc.description.committeeTheodore Jahn
dc.description.committeeStephen Valdez
dc.description.committeeRoger Vogel

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