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dc.contributor.authorHuh, Jisu
dc.description.abstractThis study, which applies the uses and gratifications perspective, examines what motivates students to use the Web and how audiences' different motivations affect their perceptions and responses to Web ads. Survey method was used, and the same questionnaire was answered through an online survey and an in-class survey. This study supports findings of the previous research that the Web would be amenable to the uses and gratifications approach. Another important result is that the relationship between media users' motivations and advertising effects on the Web was demonstrated. This study's findings about the relationship between Web-use motivations and perceptions of Web advertising and likelihood to click on ads are consistent with the previous uses and gratifications research. Therefore the uses and gratifications approach may provide an appropriate framework for advertising research as well as mass communication research even in the Web environment.
dc.rightsOn Campus Only
dc.subjectUses and Gratifications
dc.subjectWeb uses
dc.subjectWeb-use motivations
dc.subjectWeb advertising
dc.subjectWeb ads
dc.titleDo students click along the web ad highway? : a uses-and-gratifications inquiry
dc.description.advisorelli lester roushanzamir
dc.description.committeeelli lester roushanzamir
dc.description.committeeLeonard N. Reid
dc.description.committeeKaren Whitehill King

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