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    Landscape: Garden, England (86)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Italy (69)
    Landscape: Garden, Italy (55)
    Landscape: Garden, Italy, Pietro Porcinai (34)
    Landscape: Blue Ridge Parkway (25)
    Landscape: Safari Parks, Kenya (21)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Brazil (20)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Canals (20)
    Landscape: Villa, Garden, Tuscany (20)
    Landscape: Garden, Medici, Italy (19)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Tuscany (19)
    Landscape: Countryside, National Park, England (16)
    Landscape: National Park (16)
    Landscape: Garden, Brazil, Roberto Burle Marx (15)
    Landscape: Garden Festival, Germany (14)
    Landscape: Garden, Park, Paris, France (13)
    Landscape: Garden, Scotland (13)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Switzerland (13)
    Landscape: Countryside, Italy (12)
    Landscape: Environmental Art, Italy (12)
    Landscape: Garden, France, Le Notre (12)
    Landscape: Urban Design, The Veneto (12)
    Landscape: Garden, Le Notre, France (11)
    Landscape: Garden, Wales (11)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Finland (11)
    Equestrian center (10)
    Landscape: Classical Ruins, Italy (10)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (10)
    Landscape: Garden Festival, Switzerland (9)
    Landscape: Garden Festival, The Netherlands (9)
    Landscape: Garden, Sweden (9)
    Landscape: Park, Paris, France (9)
    Landscape: Preservation, Conservation, The Landmark Trust (9)
    Landscape: Villa, Palladio, Veneto (9)
    Lexington Road Athens (9)
    Landscape: Cemetery, Sweden, Gunnar Asplund, Sigurd Lewerentz (8)
    Landscape: Chateau, Loire Valley, France (8)
    Landscape: Medici Villa, Garden, Tuscany (8)
    Landscape: Open-Air Museum, Sweden (8)
    Landscape: Palace architecture, Denmark (8)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Paris, France (8)
    Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation (7)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Le Marche (7)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Sweden (7)
    Landscape: Villa, Garden, Italy (7)
    Landscape: Villa, Garden, Piedmont (7)
    Landscape: Countryside, Tuscany (6)
    Landscape: Garden, France (6)
    Landscape: Garden, Topiary (6)
    Landscape: New Town, Finland (6)
    Turner Field Atlanta (6)
    Cortona capstone (5)
    Landscape: Cemetery, Carlo Scarpa (5)
    Landscape: Conservation, Switzerland (5)
    Landscape: Countryside, National Park (5)
    Landscape: Mining, Germany (5)
    Landscape: Preservation, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (5)
    Landscape: Sculpture, Sweden, Carl Milles (5)
    Oconee River (5)
    Chattahoochee Hills Charter School design (4)
    Landscape: Cemeteries, Switzerland (4)
    Landscape: countryside, Italy (4)
    Landscape: Garden, Loire Valley, France (4)
    Landscape: Medici Villa, Garden, Italy (4)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Countryside, Tuscany (4)
    BLA blog 2014 (3)
    Landscape: Deer Park, England (3)
    Landscape: Nature Reserve, Sweden (3)
    Landscape: Sculpture park, Norway (3)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Denmark (3)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Markets, Kenya (3)
    Landscape: Villa, Farming, Italy (3)
    Landscape; Garden, France, Le Notre (3)
    BLA blog (2)
    CED Graduation Convocation given by Carol Naughton (2)
    Cortona_capstone (2)
    Founders Memorial Garden (2)
    Georgia Landscape (2)
    Landscape: Countryside, Forest, England (2)
    Landscape: Countryside, Le Marche (2)
    Landscape: Environmental Art, Paris, France (2)
    Landscape: Garden Festivals, Switzerland (2)
    Landscape: Olympic Games, Germany (2)
    Landscape: Seascape, Sweden (2)
    Landscape: Urban Design, Palladio, Veneto (2)
    Lexington Rd. Athens Georgia (2)
    Retreat, Orr's Ferry (2)
    "Drawn from the Garden" student exhibit Circle Gallery (1)
    2009 CED rankings (1)
    Alumnus Mario Cambardella named Atlanta’s first Urban Agriculture Director (1)
    America’s Best Idea: Our National Parks Celebrate 100 Years (1)
    Athens Georgia Arts Community (1)
    Atlanta Beltline (1)
    Awesome clubhouse, Elkview Dr., Athens (1)
    Banks County log structure (1)
    Ben Epps Athens Ga. (1)
    Berrien County, Georgia log structure (1)
    BLA activities 2013 (1)
    Boggs Academy Charette featured in UGA Graduate School Magazine (1)
    Book-signing: Dorinda Dallmeyer Altamaha: A River and It’s Keeper (1)
    Camp Dream Athens Georgia (1)
    Canoe Trip (1)
    Canoeing the Oconee River, Charles Aguar (1)
    CED 2016 Newsletter (1)
    CED alumni recognition, honors (1)
    CED Alumni recognized professional achievements (1)
    CED alumnus in 40 Under 40 Class of 2016 (1)
    CED Alumnus Philip Juras is Georgia Author of the Year 2011, The Southern Frontier: Landscapes Inspired by Bartram’s Travels (1)
    CED BlA blog 2014 (1)
    CED continues Critique Week tradition April 22rd through 24th 2015 (1)
    CED Jackson Street Building award Gold LEED (1)
    CED Jackson Street Building dedication events (1)
    CED Landscape Architecture Students + Park(ing) Day 2015 (1)
    CED news 2010 (1)
    CED participates in second Coastal Geodesign Workshop (1)
    CED partners with Georgia Tech College of Architecture and Extra Special People, Inc. to build overnight camp (1)
    CED ranked top 10 in DesignIntelligence 2016 rankings (1)
    CED Recognized at 2014 GA ASLA Awards Ceremony (1)
    CED Remembers Doug Allen, BLA ’71 (1)
    CED student film competition (1)
    CED Students Paddle for a Cause (1)
    CED to host continuing education workshop – Creating Sustinable Sites using Computer-Aided Design (1)
    CED Welcomes Professor Brian Orland (1)
    CED Will Now House Landscape Journal (1)
    CED’s Sarah Ross and Wormsloe receive Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award (1)
    Center For Community Design + Preservation News (1)
    CFit master plan (1)
    Charles Aguar (1)
    Charles Aguar, Tallassee Shoals, Mill Creek, LAR Students LAND 317, North Oconee River Greenway (1)
    Charles Aguar, Tallassee Shoals, North Oconee River Greenway (1)
    Charlie Godfrey, landscape architect (1)
    Chattahoochee Charter School design (1)
    Chimney design (1)
    Chris McDowell, Materials Reuse Program, Arts in Community Grant (1)
    Circle Gallery (1)
    Clubhouse (1)
    Clubhouse, Garnet Ridge, Athens, Ga. (1)
    Clubhouse, Garnett Ridge (1)
    Clubhouse, Garnett Ridge, Athens, Ga. (1)
    Clubhouse, Garnett Ridge, UGA College of Education (1)
    Coastal Georgia Climate Change (1)
    College of Environment & Design moves to mid-century, former visual arts building on Jackson Street (1)
    College of Environment Design newsletter (1)
    Community Transition Atlanta (1)
    Cortona capstone project (1)
    Cortona captsone (1)
    Cortona, Italy, city center, urban design, cultural landscape (1)
    Courtyard named honoring Bob Hill (1)
    Dan Franklin Social and Networking Evemt (1)
    David Alan Lewis, BLA, Obituary (1)
    Dean Nadenicek elevated to fellowship by ASLA (1)
    Dean Nadenicek named CELA Fellow (1)
    Dean’s Blog: CE+D and UGA’s research agenda (1)
    Dean’s Blog: Fall 2015 Welcome (1)
    Deepali Pavnaskar, MEPD Student (1)
    Deepali Pavnaskar, MEPD, Planning Student (1)
    Design Intelligence (1)
    Design Intelligence ranks The University of Georgia’s College of Environment & Design #1 in Sustainable Design Practice (1)
    Design Intelligence ranks UGA’s College of Environment & Design #1 in Sustainable Design Practice (1)
    Design Intelligence survey announcement (1)
    DesignIntelligence survey to improve design practice and education (1)
    Donnie Longenecker, profile (1)
    East Georgia State College (1)
    Eastside Athens Lexington Corridor (1)
    Edward Daugherty, famous Southern landscape architect, kicks off CED Lecture Series (1)
    Elbert County (1)
    Eqestrian center (1)
    equestrian center (1)
    Ferguson, Verma honored by CELA 2010 (1)
    Fisherpersons (1)
    Fred Orr (1)
    Fuschetto, Kester win Costa Rica scholarships (1)
    Greene County vernacular architecture (1)
    Hancock County, Ga. (1)
    Honors Day Program 2018 (1)
    Jackson Street Building awarded Excellence in Sustainable Rehabilitation Award (1)
    James Reap awarded Excellence in Preservation Service (1)
    James Reap joins Gov. Nathan Deal to celebrate May as Historic Preservation Month in Georgia (1)
    Jekyll Island Watercolor Exhibit (1)
    Jim R. Cothran, FASLA, adjunct professor, and author passes away, obituary (1)
    Jon Calabria honored with UGA Creative Teaching Award (1)
    Karen Phillips, FASLA, lecture (1)
    Katherine Bennett joins CED (1)
    Landcape: Safari Parks, Kenya (1)
    Landmark: Preservation, Conservation, The Landmark Trust (1)
    Landscape - countryside, Italy (1)
    Landscape : Countryside , National Park (1)
    Landscape architects attend opening of exhibit of their work in the Circle Gallery (1)
    Landscape Architecture (1)
    Landscape Architecture Registration Exam (LARE) 2014 Review June 5-7 Athens, GA (1)
    Landscape, Cortona, Fontarronco, Italy (1)
    Landscape, Countryside, National Park (1)
    Landscape: Garden, Park, England (1)
    Landscape: Agriculture, Italy (1)
    Landscape: Cemetery, Kenya (1)
    Landscape: Environmental Art, Paris , France (1)
    Landscape: Farming, Italy (1)
    Landscape: Garden, Italy, UGA Students (1)
    Landscape: Garden, Orchard (1)
    Landscape: Lake, Italy (1)
    Landscape; Countryside, National Park, England (1)
    Landscape; Garden Festival, Switzerland (1)
    Landscape; Garden, Park, Paris, France (1)
    Launching canoe (1)
    Lecture, Andrés Duany, world-renown architect and urban designer (1)
    Lynette Osinubi, BLA, profile (1)
    Masterplan (1)
    Material Reuse Program recognized by Clarke County School District (1)
    Maymester Field School restores porch on Smith House, one of Brunswick’s older structures (1)
    MEPD Graduate Student awarded eInternship with U.S. Department of State (1)
    MEPD student Branden McGee's thesis used in Florida Water Daily article (1)
    MHP alumna named as vice chancellor of University Development and Alumni Relations for UC Berkeley (1)
    MHP students join effort to preserve historic Brunswick home (1)
    MHP students spend one summer week in Brunswick renovating and restoring the Smith House (1)
    Mid-Century Architecture Symposium (1)
    Mill dam site (1)
    Mitchell Bridge rapids (1)
    MLA Alumna named Director of Communications for Agricenter International (1)
    MLA Sean Dunlap awarded a 2016 UGA Office of Sustainability Grant (1)
    MLA students video inventory of community (1)
    Morgan County (1)
    Murmur Trussel (1)
    Nadenicek, outstanding administrator award (1)
    Native American Studies Certificate UGA (1)
    Newton County, Ga. log structure (1)
    North Oconee River (1)
    North Oconee River Greenway, Charles Aguar, Downtown, Spring Festival 1975 (1)
    North Oconee River Riverbank, Oconee River Park, Charles Aguar (1)
    North Oconee River, Earth-moving project (1)
    North Oconee River, Sewer Work, Earth moving (1)
    Orr's Ferry, retreat, nature center (1)
    Panel: The importance of social science, design, and planning when hard science is under attack (1)
    Paul Cady, MLA profile (1)
    Pongsakor “Tum” Suppakittpaisarn, a 2013 MLA graduate CED/MLA Alumnus wins ASLA Honor Award (1)
    Public building dedication ceremony for newly rehabilitated Jackson Street Building (1)
    Rafe Banks House 1820-1830? (1)
    Retreat, Orr's Ferry, (1)
    Retreat, Orr's Hill (1)
    Sandy Creek Park, Clarke County (1)
    Serenbe Trail Master Plan (1)
    Sewer line (1)
    SHPO Volunteers at William Harris Homestead (1)
    Six CED alumni Bulldog 100 (1)
    Snapshots exhibit collages (1)
    Snapshots exhibit_marketing (1)
    Stormwater conference Savannah, Ga. (1)
    Students Serve as Docents for the Georgia Trust (1)
    Summerhill Atlanta (1)
    Susan Summers (MLA) invited to 2015 Emerging Leaders Program (1)
    Swing Dance in the Garden (1)
    Symposium Historic Garden Structures & the Structure of Historic Gardens (1)
    Ted Turner Drive Atlanta (1)
    Terri Bradberry, CED Accountant profile (1)
    Thomas Peters, MLA graduate, aims to restore canebreaks in Georgia (1)
    Tim Barrett MHP student profile (1)
    Tuner Field Atlanta (1)
    UGA CED alumna, Katherine Bridges, is transforming landscapes in New York (1)
    UGA Chew Crew to expand into Driftmier Woods (1)
    UGA College of Environment and Design Assistant Professor Douglas Pardue, Downtown Renaissance Partnership (1)
    University of Georgia College of Environment and Design at its 2015 Alumni Reunion Celebration April 24-25 (1)
    Vick named LEED fellow and UGA Teaching Academy (1)
    Washington Rawson Atlanta (1)
    White Hall Factory (1)
    William Bartram's Georgia (1)