As one of the oldest and largest schools of landscape architecture in the U.S., the College of Environment and Design has a strong tradition of public outreach and assistance. Our intention for this web-based collection is to continue the practice of sharing information and ideas concerning informed design and care of the environment. Through this web portal the general public has access to some of the college’s endeavors and public service projects, as well as scholarly research done by our faculty, staff and students.

The College of Environment and Design at the University of Georgia is a teaching and research college dedicated to the scholarly investigation of the built environment through the disciplines of landscape architecture, historic preservation, environmental planning and design, and environmental ethics. Our mission includes promoting innovative design, planning, conservation, preservation, restoration, and responsible development of natural and cultural resources.

The College of Environment and Design is housed in the newly renovated Jackson Street Building (formerly the Lamar Dodd School of Art) with additional faculty, staff and services in Denmark Hall, the Bishop House, Founders Memorial Garden and House, the Tanner Building and the Broad Street Studios, all located on UGA’s historic north campus.

The publications included in this digital community do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the administration of the University of Georgia or the College of Environment and Design; rather, they are academic investigations intended to increase the body of knowledge, encourage scholarly debate and expand research opportunities within the disciplines of the college.

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