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    • Using Improv as a Tool for Fostering Mentorship Among Medical and Pre-medical Students 

      Schwartz, Matt; Herring, Kathleen; Feeney, Jakob; Baldwin, Amy; Sperr, Edwin (2019-06-09)
      PURPOSE: Advising for pre-medical students can be reinforced and strengthened by involving current medical students. Medical students can improve their own communication skills and give back to medical community by mentoring ...
    • Using Improv to Develop Communication Skills for Medical Students 

      Sperr, Edwin; Baldwin, Amy; Feeney, Jakob; Herring, Kathleen (2018-06-10)
      Strong communication skills are essential for clinicians, and clear and confident self-presentation is important for medical students. Techniques of improvisational theater have been adapted for use in many classroom ...