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    • Visualizing PubMed: Displaying Search Results by Topic, Region and Time 

      Sperr, Edwin (2017-06-15)
      Objectives: This project is an attempt to visualize the results of PubMed searches in a variety of different ways: topics and how they overlap with Venn diagrams, aspects of a search (MeSH categories and subheadings) with ...
    • What's in You Bag? Practical Tools and Strategies for Scalable Digital Preservation 

      Dimitrova, Iva; Hanson, Adriane; Pieczko, Brandon; Willoughby, Mary (2018-10-25)
      In 2017, the University of Georgia Libraries developed and implemented a redundant, secure, monitored digital preservation storage environment (ARCHive) for its most important digital archival assets. Before ingesting ...
    • Word Trees for Visualizing PubMed Search Results 

      Sperr, Edwin (2019-05)
      Background : It can be daunting to begin the search process for a complicated question, particularly if a searcher is new to a topic and not yet familiar with the language used to describe it. As many biomedical searches ...