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    • Broccoli: commercial vegetable production 

      McLaurin, Wayne J.; Barber, James M.; Colditz, Paul; Granberry, Darbie M. (University of Georgia, 2010-02-05)
      Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family. Broccoli can be produced commercially throughout Georgia, but careful consideration must be given to proper scheduling.
    • Okra: commercial vegetable production 

      Colditz, Paul; Granberry, Darbie M.; Vavrina, Charles (University of Georgia, 2009-02-24)
      Okra is grown in every county in Georgia. Okra can be a profitable crop when recommended production practices are followed.
    • Weights and processed yields of fruit and vegetables in retail containers 

      Myers, Stephen C.; Colditz, Paul; Granberry, Darbie M.; Kelley, William Terry; Westerfield, Robert R. (University of Georgia, 2010-03-12)
      Marketing fresh fruits and vegetables at farmer's markets, roadside markets, and pick-your-own farms is an important and growing method of marketing. However, many of the containers used are not practical for consumers.