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    • Daylily culture 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova (University of Georgia, 2009-02-24)
      Daylilies are one of the best perennials that can be selected for Georgia gardens. They are easy to grow, provide blooms over a fairly lengthy period, and contribute both line and color in the landscape.
    • Deer-tolerant ornamental plants 

      Wade, Gary L.; Mengak, Michael T. (University of Georgia, 2010-04-27)
      If deer are overabundant in your neighborhood, and deer herd reduction or management is not feasible, a good way to prevent deer browsing in landscapes is to plant ornamental plants that deer do not like to eat.
    • Diagnostics system for crop history and disorders in greenhouses and nurseries 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova; Thomas, Paul A. (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      This diagnostic system is designed as a tool to assist growers, Extension specialists and county agents to diagnose problems with ornamental crops. The document consists of six major sections and five appendices. Each ...
    • Digital photography for horticulture professionals, part 1: general photography 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova; Thomas, Paul A. (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      This publication series is designed to help you learn the basics of how to compose photos, overcome locations with less than optimal light conditions, and become acquainted with the terminology used in digital photography. ...
    • Digital photography for horticulture professionals, part 2: digital terminology and essential elements of photo-editing 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      In Part I of this publication series, we discussed the basics of taking quality digital images from a photography standpoint, or the image capture. Now we will turn our attention to the terms used in digital imagery. Digital ...
    • Digital photography for horticulture professionals, part 3: digital image applications in crop diagnostics 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova; Thomas, Paul A. (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      Digital photography can be readily applied in crop diagnostics. In documenting crop damages for example, growers may need to take a series of pictures to better illustrate the specific problem and provide sufficient ...
    • Drip chemigation: injecting fertilizer, acid and chlorine 

      Granberry, Darbie M.; Harrison, Kerry A.; Kelley, William Terry (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      Drip irrigation is an important component of vegetable production systems in Georgia. Drip irrigation is more desirable than other irrigation methods for several reasons. Two important advantages are (1) water conservation ...
    • Efficient landscape irrigation systems 

      Seymour, Rose Mary (University of Georgia, 2008-05-07)
      The objective of an efficient irrigation system is to maintain the health of plants.
    • Environmental enhancement with ornamental plants: attracting birds 

      Garber, Melvin P. (University of Georgia, 2009-09-29)
      To attract and maintain a bird population, a habitat should provide (1) food, (2) cover, (3) nesting areas and (4) water. Ornamental trees and shrubs can supply the necessary cover (shelter) and nesting areas.
    • Environmental enhancement with ornamentals: butterfly gardening 

      Garber, Melvin P. (University of Georgia, 2009-09-29)
      Butterfly populations can be greatly enhanced by devoting a portion of the landscape to butterfly habitat. In addition to their natural beauty, butterflies serve as valuable plant pollinators.
    • Environmentally friendly landscape practices 

      Westerfield, Robert R.; Pulis, Daryl (University of Georgia, 2009-07-07)
      With proper planning, planting and maintenance, a healthier landscape can be created with less expense, less work and less damage to the world around us.
    • Essential pH management in greenhouse crops - part 1: pH and plant nutrition 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova; Thomas, Paul A. (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      Your goal as a greenhouse grower is to maintain a stable pH over the life of the crop. This is not an easy task since many factors can affect pH in the growing substrate. The pH can go up or down within several weeks of ...
    • Establishing a pecan orchard 

      Wells, Marvin Leonard (University of Georgia, 2009-10-19)
      One of the most important decisions a pecan producer makes is about the establishment of a new orchard. A well-planned, organized orchard will be more efficient, require less input and offer larger potential returns. Select ...
    • Experiments and observations on growing mayhaws as a crop in south Georgia and north Florida 

      Krewer, Gerard W.; Crocker, Tim (University of Georgia, 2009-11-19)
      Limited information is available on the commercial production of mayhaws; thus, the objective of our research has been to: 1) determine if mayhaws are adapted to commercial orchard production, 2) identify cultivars with ...
    • Fertilizing highbush blueberries in pine bark beds 

      Krewer, Gerard W.; Ruter, John M. (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      Grower experiences have proven milled pine bark to be an excellent growing substrate for southern highbush blueberries. Although milled pine bark shares many characteristics with good blueberry soil, fundamental differences ...
    • Flowering bulbs for Georgia gardens 

      Thomas, Paul A.; Wade, Gary L.; Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova (University of Georgia, 2009-10-27)
      A wide variety of bulbs grow well in Georgia. Most are grown for their flowers and some for their foliage. They are grown as pot plants, in shrub borders, naturalistic plantings and in mass displays. Bulbs offer a certain ...
    • Flowering perennials for Georgia gardens 

      Thomas, Paul A. (University of Georgia, 2009-02-24)
      This publication is devoted specifically to covering everything you need to know about growing herbaceous perennials, primarily to those that persist from crowns and/or fleshy roots.
    • Foliage products: an opportunity for the Georgia ornamental industry 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova; Thomas, Paul A.; Stegelin, Forrest Eugene (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      The majority of the plants used for interior decoration are considered “foliage plants” because of the highly decorative value of their leaves. Most of them originated in tropical and subtropical areas of the world and are ...
    • Gardening in containers 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova (University of Georgia, 2009-02-27)
      Gardening in containers has expanded the horizons of gardening for homeowners. Planting in containers provides a contemporary aspect to gardening for apartment and condominium dwellers. Using unusual plants in unusual pots ...
    • Gardening in containers using tropical plants 

      Pennisi, Svoboda Vladimirova (University of Georgia, 2008-02-03)
      Container gardening has enjoyed an increased popularity in the last decade. With increased urbanization, container gardens have come to the rescue to brighten up patios and balconies. This publication is intended to provide ...