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    • Best Management Practices for landscape water conservation 

      Berle, David Christian; Harrison, Kerry A.; Seymour, Rose Mary; Wade, Gary L.; Waltz, Clint; Westerfield, Robert (University of Georgia, 2007-10-05)
      Landscape water conservation Best Management Practices (BMPs) are practices that integrate plant selection, plant adaptation, irrigation, cultural and management practices, and a change in the acceptable expectations of ...
    • Revenue profile of golf courses in Georgia 

      Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Landry, Gil W., Jr.; Waltz, Clint (University of Georgia, 2009-03-24)
      The golf course industry is an important but often overlooked sector generating jobs and local taxes in Georgia. The objective of this report is to provide insights about the economic importance of golf course facilities ...
    • Turfgrass pest control recommendations for professionals 

      Waltz, Clint; McCullough, Patrick E.; Hudson, William G., III; Braman, Susan K.; Martínez-Espinoza, Alfredo D. (University of Georgia, 2010-03-30)
      This publication includes recommendations and current guidelines for turfgrass pest control methods and materials in Georgia, as well as a turfgrass management calendar.