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    • Annual bluegrass control in non-residential commercial turfgrass in Georgia 

      McCullough, Patrick E. (University of Georgia, 2010-03-30)
      Annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) is a problematic winter annual weed. Compared to most turfgrasses, annual bluegrass has a lighter green color, coarser leaf texture and produces unsightly seedheads. Its seed germinates in ...
    • Turfgrass pest control recommendations for professionals 

      Waltz, Clint; McCullough, Patrick E.; Hudson, William G., III; Braman, Susan K.; Martínez-Espinoza, Alfredo D. (University of Georgia, 2010-03-30)
      This publication includes recommendations and current guidelines for turfgrass pest control methods and materials in Georgia, as well as a turfgrass management calendar.