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    • Georgia corn diagnostic guide 

      Lee, R. Dewey; Prostko, Eric P.; Brown, Steve L.; Hudson, Richard A.; Kemerait, Robert C.; McDonald, Greg; Baird, Richard; Mask, Paul; Flanders, Kathy (University of Georgia, 2009-03-24)
      The field is a complex environment with many factors that can interact to influence the growth of a corn plant. These factors can be living in the form of insects, diseases, nematodes and weeds; or, they can be non-living ...
    • Pearl millet for grain 

      Lee, R. Dewey; Hanna, Wayne W.; Buntin, G. David; Dozier, William; Timper, Patricia; Wilson, Jeffrey P. (University of Georgia, 2009-03-24)
      Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum [L.] R. Br.) has a long history of use as a summer grazing and hay crop in the southeastern U.S. The recent development of new, adaptable and productive grain pearl millet hybrids in the ...
    • Planting guide to grasses and legumes for forage and wildlife in Georgia 

      Lee, R. Dewey (University of Georgia, 2010-01-22)
      This planting guide will help producers establish grasses and legumes commonly grown in Georgia.
    • Success with cover crops 

      Lee, R. Dewey; Gaskin, Julia W.; Schomberg, Harry; Hawkins, Gary L.; Harris, Glendon H.; Barentine, Ronnie M.; Bellows, Barbara (University of Georgia, 2008-06)