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    • Accident extrication procedures for farm families and employees 

      Rains, Glen C. (University of Georgia, 2009-05-14)
      This publication is designed to help people with average first-aid knowledge improve their ability to make decisions when they are the first person at the scene of a farm accident.
    • Aerating grain in storage 

      Hammond, Cecil; Worley, John W. (University of Georgia, 2009-05-14)
      Aeration conditions grain and seed by lowering the temperature of the material and equalizing the temperature within the storage structure. This prevents moisture migration and condensation and can reduce losses during storage.
    • Aerial application of pesticides 

      Sumner, Paul E. (University of Georgia, 2009-05-14)
      Modern aerial application of pesticide offers the advantages of timely site treatment, pesticide treatment of crop sites not readily accessible to ground equipment (for example, paddy rice), and lower fuel energy costs per ...
    • Agricultural safety: preventing injuries 

      Rains, Glen C. (University of Georgia, 2009-05-14)
      An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Most farm injuries and fatalities are preventable when you adhere to safe operating practices. The following are general guidelines for improved safety on the farm. Web ...
    • Bacterial Source Tracking (BST) 

      Risse, L. Mark; Jarrin, Veronica (University of Georgia, 2009-05-14)
      In 2004, the Georgia General Assembly passed and the governor signed House Bill 579, which required all permitted irrigation withdrawals in Georgia to be metered by 2009, depending on available funds. Farmers are continually ...
    • Beef production 

      Speir, Robert Adam; Stewart, Lawton (University of Georgia, 2009-04-19)
      Because beef production practices, such as livestock water supply and supplemental feeding areas, are often visible to the public, beef cattle producers are encouraged to voluntarily adopt practices that minimize adverse ...
    • Beneficial reuse of municipal biosolids in agriculture 

      Gaskin, Julia W.; Risse, L. Mark; Segars, William I.; Harris, Glendon H. (University of Georgia, 2009-05-14)
      Farmers have known for centuries that animal manures spread on pastures and cropland can improve soil fertility. In the 1920s, farmers began to use sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants as a fertilizer. Through ...
    • Best management practices for wood ash as agricultural soil amendment 

      Risse, L. Mark; Gaskin, Julia W. (University of Georgia, 2010-03-09)
      Ash has been considered a waste product instead of a resource, because few industries have taken advantage of its beneficial properties. Several alternative uses for wood ash have been developed. Land application is one ...
    • Broiler litter management 

      Speir, Robert Adam; Ritz, Casey W. (University of Georgia, 2009-05-12)
      Poultry litter is very valuable to farmers as an organic fertilizer and also as a commodity for sale to other farmers. Despite its benefits, farmers also have to be concerned about soil and water quality associated with ...
    • Calculating the fertilizer value of broiler litter 

      Kissel, David E.; Risse, L. Mark; Sonon, Leticia S.; Harris, Glendon H. (University of Georgia, 2008-10-13)
      This publication gives a procedure to calculate the value of broiler litter based on prevailing retail selling prices of commercial fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
    • Calibrating air blast sprayers 

      Curry, Shane (University of Georgia, 2014-02-26)
    • Calibrating dry broadcast spreaders 

      Sumner, Paul E. (University of Georgia, 2007-02)
    • Calibrating turf grass sprayers 

      Sumner, Paul E. (University of Georgia, 2007-02)
    • Calibration method for boomless broadcast sprayers 

      Sumner, Paul E.; Bader, Michael J. (University of Georgia, 2000-04)
    • Calibration method for sprayers and other liquid applicators 

      Sumner, Paul E.; Bader, Michael J. (University of Georgia, 2009-02-20)
      This publication discusses the proper calibration methods sprayers and other liquid applicators.
    • Calibration of hand sprayers 1000 ft2 method 

      Sumner, Paul E.; Bader, Michael J. (University of Georgia, 1995-04)
    • Calibration of manure spreaders 

      Worley, John W.; Sumner, Paul E.; Bass, Thomas M. (University of Georgia, 2008-01-18)
      This publication primarily focuses on rear discharge, twin spinner spreaders common for poultry litter application in the southeast.
    • CEAP: availability and implementation of BMPs in the Upper Suwannee River Basin 

      Hawkins, Gary L.; Wallace, Rebekah (University of Georgia, 2008-02-19)
      Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) began in 2003 with the goal of quantifying the environmental benefits gained from private landowners implementing conservation practices in certain USDA Programs. Best Management ...
    • Chainsaw safety tips 

      Rains, Glen C. (University of Georgia, 2010-04-26)
      This publication discusses tips for purchasing the correct chainsaw for your needs and how to use it safely.
    • Chemigation in Georgia 

      Harrison, Kerry A. (University of Georgia, 2009-05-14)
      Chemigation is an inclusive term referring to the application of a chemical into or through an irrigation system. It includes the application of fertilizers, acids, chlorine and pesticides. Chemigation can save time, reduce ...