The Center for Asian Studies exists to nurture and guide academic programs and exchanges, primarily on Asia , for students, faculty, and appropriate staff members. While these programs focus on language and area studies, they also involve students and faculty from law, business, agriculture, education, journalism, veterinary medicine, as well as the arts and sciences.

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Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Silk and Silk Production in China 

    Richmond, Farley (University of Georgia, 2007-06-13)
  • Mizhavu Thayambaka 

    Richmond, Farley (University of Georgia, 2008-06)
  • Noh Music Workshop 

    Sako, Yasuhiro; Taniguchi, Yuji; Maekawa, Mitsunori; Hayashi, Yamato; Mori, Masaki; Richmond, Farley; School of Music (University of Georgia, 2009-01-22)
  • Music of the Japanese Biwa 

    Hiraoka, Yoko (University of Georgia, 2008-10-01)
  • Japanese Noh Performance 

    Urata, Yasuhiro; Koshika, Takayuki; Fukano, Takahiko; Sako, Yasuhiro; Taniguchi, Yuji; Maekawa, Mitsunori; Hayashi, Yamato (University of Georgia, 2009-01-22)