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    • Illuminated arrival in the hikam al-'ata'iyyah and three major commentaries 

      Schwein, Wesley Richard (uga, 2007-05)
      The Kitãb al- eikam of Ibn |A ­ã { Allãh (d. 720/1309) presents a spirituality whose goal is wu £ Jl ilá Allãh, “arrival unto God.” As a collection of aphorisms, the Kitãb al- eikam has little internal structure: the ...
    • Validating the use of D 

      Lai, Stephanie Alice (uga, 2014-08)
      Children from low socioeconomic (SES) families are exposed fewer words compared to children from middle-income families, and as a consequence, often score lower on standardized vocabulary assessments (Hart & Risley, 1995) ...