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    • Fostering high school teacher ownership of change 

      Geisler, Sandra Kemp (uga, 2009-08)
      Within the educational literature on change, one often-cited element of successful reform efforts is the existence of teacher ownership in the change process. However, the construct of ownership is ill-defined and little ...
    • Public and private takeover markets : an empirical analysis 

      Stegemoller, Michael A (uga, 2002-05)
      An unparalleled $2.7 trillion worth of merger and acquisition activity occurred in the 1990s. These mergers resulted in the combination of firms that were able to combine rapidly changing technologies in new ways. Despite ...
    • Reluctant shareholders 

      Abbott, Christopher Blake (uga, 2010-05)
      The economic crisis that began in 2008 marked a rhetorical shift in the construction, expression and negotiation of economic citizenship in the United States. Economic citizenship, as a rhetorical construct, marks the ways ...