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    • A grounded theory for leveraging college athletics: 

      Johnson, Torie A (uga, 2017-12)
      Intercollegiate athletics is an increasingly pervasive enterprise within American higher education, particularly at universities that choose to compete at the highest NCAA level. Regardless of level, however, the attention ...
    • Public-private ventures in Georgia's public higher education 

      Stephens, Jennifer Hodges (uga, 2013-12)
      Public higher education in the U.S. has become more privatized over the last half-century. One way it has adapted to this privatized environment is through the use of a new funding model, the public-private venture (PPV). ...
    • When things really happen : the role of reauthorizations in the process of policy change 

      Hall, Thad Edward (uga, 2002-08)
      Over the past half-century, the use of temporary authorizations - authorizations of funding or operations that expire at a given point - has proliferated. Congress began using temporary authorizations as a control mechanism ...