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    • Managing imported fire ants in urban areas 

      Drees, Bastiaan M.; Barr, Charles L.; Vinson, S. Bradleigh; Gold, Roger E.; Merchant, Michael E.; Riggs, Nathan; Lennon, Lisa; Russell, Scott; Nester, Paul; Kostroun, David; Flanders, Kathy; Sparks, Beverly; Horton, Paul M.; Pollet, Dale; Oi, David; Shanklin, Donna; Loftin, Kelly; Koehler, Philip G.; Vail, Karen; Vogt, J. T. (University of Georgia, 2009-03-13)
      Imported fire ants interfere with outdoor activities and harm wildlife throughout the southern U.S. Ant mounds are unsightly and may reduce land values. Although fire ants do prey on flea larvae, chinch bugs, cockroach ...